Cuddles’ Courageous Journey into Granbee Land

Cuddles trotted and prodded down the slippery slope
Rain dropped in droves; her wiggly legs could hardly cope
She terribly missed her Mama and Papa so
Poor Cuddles muddled in the muddy yuck all alone

Cuddles needed critters to brighten her droopy mood
She shivered and quivered and needed some food
It wasn’t like her to constantly brood
but where was Mama and Papa, she crooned

They wouldn’t leave her by her lonesome
They’d make sure she’s protected and then some
Cuddles prayed, off and on, for friendly critters to come
Critter drifters to frolic with, so not to think of Pa and Mum

Cuddles thought of the One and how He guided her along
With the One silently beside her, though wobbly, she’d be strong
but, Cuddles had flutter butterflies in her tummy,
thinking things was wrong

‘cuz Mama and Papa was gone,
and suddenly, funny thing, she heard a song

“Hark, I hear jolly sounds,” Cuddles thought, “I hear happy hums!”
Cuddles stopped in her mucky tracks
and wondered where those hums came from

“Now they’re getting closer,” thought Cuddles, in her mind
“Oh, I do hope they’re just like my kind!”

Her paws didn’t budge, no, dare her not
Then just around the bend, a motion she done caught…

(Cuddles meets up with Granbee’s critters,,
and her journey surprises even herself,
as she continues her courageous search for Mama & Papa…
she may reunite with them again,
or she’ll mourn and grieve for some time,
then she’ll still believe in the One to take care of herself
with her new critter friends

© LScott 2012

Author’s Note:  If you haven’t visited Granbee, yet,
please take the time to do so.  She is a beautiful,
witty, faithful, loving soul and her Critter Collection
is enchanting and absolutely delightful!

35 thoughts on “Cuddles’ Courageous Journey into Granbee Land

  1. Gorrrrrrgeous!! This is lovely Lauren. I just love the connections of light that reach between us all, like rainbows across the globe. Granbee will be proud 🙂 xo

    1. Thanks, Deb, Granbee inspired me and this was really fun to write! It’s hotter today and my hubby and I are leaving for the dog park with Copper, then more yard work! But, it has been a productive weekend! xo

    1. Thanks, Soma, it was fun to write for something different. I don’t know if it will continue, but that’s what the imagination is for…Hugs for a wonderful Monday! xo

  2. As many commenters here know, I am MOST proud and thrilled and tickled pink and purple and all furry-blurry over this post, dear Lauren! As you will have guessed, Cuddles WILL now be part of our critterly troupe on our questing journey! She will appear tomorrow with Old Stump woman and Mr. Jitters in a dance that ends up placing the critters on the right path again with some very amusing but useful antics!

  3. This is too cute Lauren 😀
    I’m going to read this to my Tori before she sleeps. I always find poetry and creative writing to read to her 🙂 (can’t read most of my own writing her lol)
    Take care!

    1. Thanks, Scott, and that’s the biggest complement, reading my poem to your daughter, thank you! I hope she likes it, too, and I have to agree with you in saying that you can’t read most of yours! lol 🙂

  4. Francina

    This fits Granbee’s critters superb , Lauren. Very well done and I did like your story as well!
    Francina xx

  5. Oh this is wonderful … I followed the breadcrumb from granbees … and am delighted to see Cuddles and how she became interwoven with granbee’s critters!!! Awesome ~~

    1. Becca, thanks so much for following the breadcrumb trail over to my blog! I appreciate your kind words and your visit! This was fun to write and challenging, but Rose inspired me and now I’m honored that she’ll include Cuddles! I hope you’ll return again someday and I will be over your way soon! Thanks again and take care, Lauren

      1. reneeboomer

        Thanks Lauren, I have visited Granbee at her blog. She is an amazing lady and so darn sweet. Have a great day. 🙂

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