It’s probably climate change,
Debatable to some.
Digital digits
climb to seventy –
a perfect number
for July,
but not for January
where plump raindrops
should be soothing
the gardens.
The sun fades into an inky sky.
The moon enters on cue.



On the hilltop, lights wink
as if to say hello.
The grill hisses,
while Chardonnay sips
allowing muscles to loosen,
thoughts to calm –
Saturday night

Lauren Scott (c) 2021


Do I need
fifty dollar words,
candlelight and wine
to express
what’s on my mind?
I’m not one
to write heartfelt
emotions in rhythm
or rhyme
No poet, am I
and no fancy words
can match the hue
in your eyes
so I’ll be wise and
take my cue
and simply whisper
“I Love You”

LScott © 2013

Winter’s Gift


I’m mesmerized by the colors
that dance across your face
as flames carry out a jazz recital
my heartbeat meets their pace

Your eyes penetrate
with a hunger that feeds
You touch me with your thoughts
fulfilling all my needs

Wrap your warmth around me
with soul, body, and mind
and touch my lips so gently
to taste the sweet, sweet wine

© LScott 2013

Photo: LScott/Home