Shifting of Seasons

I’ll be off grid next week, adventuring with hubby and backpack in the wilderness. So, have a great week ahead and I leave you with this bright beauty and the moods of seasons…

Autumn admired the brilliant blue sky
Winter wiggled out of my sneakers
Spring tapped me on the shoulder
Summer’s hello, sweet as apple pie!

Lauren Scott (c) ❤️

Summertime Wishes :)

Here’s wishing you all

fun and happy beginnings

to the summer fast approaching

School is now a subject in the past

so dab a little sunscreen,

run out and have a blast!

We’re busy with end of year activities this weekend,
so this is just a simple “hello”  and I’m sorry to be missing your
wonderful posts, but I’ll return soon (hope I’m not forgotten)  🙂

and sending wishes for a wonderful weekend!  xx

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