Celebrating Silver! ♥ Woohoo!


As we both remember the day we said our vows
many emotions were felt but we never had any doubts
We’ve seen dreams come true and felt the magic they brought
We’ve shared tears and sorrows when life wasn’t so bright
A quarter of a century, though, is a milestone to cherish
hand in hand we’ve walked and built our world on trust
from big events to simple pleasures enjoyed in ordinary days
we’ve only just begun as we stroll into new decades ♥

And this is “Our Song”
I still get goosebumps watching this awesome dance scene.
God Rest Patrick Swayze’s soul…

25th wedding anniversary photo 2014

Happy 25th Anniversary to
My Husband,
My Best Friend,
My Partner in Life ♥
January 21, 1989

Lauren Scott © 2014