Am I Nocturnal? :)




I count the sheep grazing above me
In the shadows, horses prance, gracefully
It may hold the answers, so I fluff my pillow
waiting with anticipation for it to be my hero
but to no avail, my eyelids will not fall
Instead, I return to watching the ceiling and walls
I’m constantly flopping, left, right, belly, back
with a brand new mattress, it’s not comfort I lack
How I wish to dream of a distant land
with stretches of beaches and soft golden sand
or a hike in the woods to the song of the birds
Currently, though, I wish not to think “words”
except one special consonant would bring me great glee
and that wonderful letter is a CAPITAL ZZZZ!

Lauren Scott © 2014
Photo: Google Images
🙂 🙂