In-Between Life (repost)

A quiet interlude of two consenting minds
connecting in desired agreement
A gentle kiss becoming decadent
bodies embracing, passion flaring
the baring of equally loving souls
Each giving to fulfillment
breathless whispers
over the moon ending
descending into
for the next

LScott © 2012

Some of you may remember this and
if you do, I hope you didn’t mind reading it again. ♥

Morning After (Re-post)

Sun spills in 

 through billowing curtains

gently, though,

so not to startle dreams

Sated bodies delight in

love tangling

 Sheets silky soft

caressing skin

nothing can compare

to this moment

that shouldn’t end

but we bid farewell

to moonlight

knowing we have sunlight

to share

© LScott 2012

Another re-post for lack of new material. 🙂
So I hope you enjoy this bit of romance a second time
and maybe even a first time for some of you.
Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead! ♥