Why must I see
the flaws surrounding me
a laugh line here, a crow’s foot there
the endless pulling
of each gray hair
the muscles that have flipped,
to say the least

either way, they’re not
where they’re supposed to be
Those youthful pages
of our precious photo albums
portray an image
that was once okay
now, the magnified flaws
have definitely found their way
Yet, your soul doesn’t see
what my mirror shows me
You see the blue-green ocean
when you look deeply into my eyes
You feel my long, soft hair
and marvel in its silkiness
My laugh lines joyfully remind you
of our endless happiness
When our hearts beat
as close as can be

all that matters
is our loving connection
Your adoration runs deeper
and through your devoted actions
seeps absolute affection
So blessed am I
to have found complete

Copyright 2011

Inspired by