We race with the hands
of the clock on the wall

usually in last place

like a slow, dragging crawl

 Everything must be now
instant gratification

when we should slow down

and feel appreciation

 Maybe what we’re waiting for
isn’t meant to be

It’s all in the timing

and not all about “we”

 If you’re a believer
it’s really up to Him

and what His plan entails

not just our personal whim

So exhale a little slower
demonstrate some tolerance

It’ll all come together

with just a bit of patience

© LScott

Photo is of Copper on our recent hike.
He was so patient, waiting for me
to take some pictures~



Childhood Cabin Haiku

Behind the dark boards
a roaring fire warmed us

those days long ago

 Generations played
cards; ante up, fifteen cents

while lasagna baked

 The haunted cabin
around the corner scared us

entering our dreams

A snow packed staircase
made it easy for our dog
A view from the roof

© LScott 2012

I have fond memories of our cabin
from my childhood.

It wasn’t fancy or huge, but very, very cozy. 
The best of times were spent playing games indoors,
hiking, tobogganing and sledding.
The last time I saw it, the windows were boarded
and I don’t have any old photos. 
It was sad to see it that way,
but it’s good to have the wonderful memories
in mind of our fun mountain get-a-ways
that included
family and friends.  ♥