Depth of Consciences

childishly cover
ears with
icy hands 
imagining this to be
only a frightening
nightmare, not a
recurring tragedy
becoming the norm

The answer lies
within the depth
of consciences,

but when will we
be enlightened?

Must we continue
to quantify these

senseless losses?
Kind sentiments
are appreciated,
but they haven’t
been enough to
stop the rounds
So, please…

Lauren Scott © 2018

Numbers based on preliminary reports and may change.
Last updated: May 18, 2018 – Source: CNN
We’re only 20 weeks into 2018, and there have already been 22 school shootings where someone was hurt or killed. That averages out to more than 1 shooting a week.

The parameters CNN followed in this count are:
  • A shooting that involved at least one person being shot (not including the shooter)
  • A shooting that occurred on school grounds
  • We included grades K through college/university level
  • We included gang violence, fights and domestic violence
  • We included accidental discharge of a firearm as long as the first two parameters are met

(Honoring those lives affected by Friday’s
shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas,
and all mass shootings prior to this tragic event.)