A Labrador writes a poem…

I was adopted…

Two dogs lived with me
a kind woman cared for us
but it wasn’t home
I waited for the feeling
then they walked through the front door

girl, boy, and mother
spoke to me, gentle voices
showing interest
mother and woman shook hands
I jumped in the car, smiling

sniffing in the yard
marking my territory
sniffing through the house
each corner felt like comfort
finally, I found my home

mom, Dad, and children
walked me, played chase, tennis balls
somersaulted on
soft grass. Fetching was fun, but
letting go I did not like

they taught me commands
to sit, stay, come, heal, lie down
I love to shake paw
I learned quickly and got treats
and lots of loving cuddles

humans say time flies
almost thirteen, I’m old now
but with my people
who don’t hit, kick, or starve me
I am loved and protected

sad faces on screen
anger hearts of compassion
unthinkable acts
please throw them your safety net
adoption saves lives for all

p.s. I love my family so much!

Sometimes, I’m bashful.
I worship the sun.
I make time for listening.

In honor of National Poetry Month, Copper wanted me to share his new poem. He hopes you enjoyed learning how he found his forever family, and that adopting dogs and cats is really, really important.

He sends you big kisses for a Happy, Happy Day! ❤️❤️

© Lauren Scott, Baydreamerwrites.com – All rights reserved.

Copper’s 2nd Birthday Limerick Trilogy ♥


There once was a dog named Copper
He had pearly whites in his chopper
but harmless was he
Wouldn’t harm a bee
His eyes were big heart stoppers


Six months ago, we brought him home
and watched him while he roamed
He sniffed around
without a sound
then laid down with his bone


His new home is his comfort zone
You wouldn’t believe how he’s grown
More like a horse
threw us off course
but how would we have known?

We’re very lucky to have adopted another wonderful dog.
Copper is a great addition to our family and
he’s a big lovable baby!

These are first attempts at writing limericks.
I hope you enjoyed.  They’re fun, but challenging.