A Taste of Buttercream Frosting

When our eyes meet, love still lingers...
a love that has navigated its way
to this very moment. The breath of a
gentle summer breeze carried us
over hills seemingly too huge to bear.
Stunning, good-night hues painted
our evenings, and golden shades
offered morning greetings.
With fingers laced, our connection,
now deeper than that first kiss,
and as sweet
as the taste of buttercream frosting.
And so, our dance continues,
for it is written in the clouds,
over the horizon,
within the glorious shades of the future.

© Lauren Scott, baydreamerwrites.com – All rights reserved.
A reposting/revision of an oldie following the celebration
of our 34th wedding anniversary. (1/21/89) ❤️

68 thoughts on “A Taste of Buttercream Frosting

  1. Beautiful words dearest Lauren.. and Congratulations on your Anniversary… You made a beautiful bride… Sending Love and well wishes for many, many more happy years of togetherness.. ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. ‘And so, our dance continues,
    for it is written in the clouds,
    over the horizon,
    within the glorious shades of the future.’ Beautiful, Lauren. May the dance continue. Happy Anniversary❤️

    1. Aww, thank you, Marie, for your beautiful words and wishes. I have known people who divorced after three decades, and I know people who are still married but unhappily after a long time. So, we feel lucky and blessed, although life has challenged us in areas out of our control. But we hold each other up and revel in the joys and our love that has remained loyal. 🙂 Hugs, my friend. xo

  3. Oh this is so delicious and your words are just so heartfelt Lauren. It reminds me of my daughter’s wedding and the love that emanates through them. You can just feel it, like I do your words here! 💗

    1. I love the pun, Diana! Thanks for your wishes and lovely words about the poem. Our anniversary was on the 21st and we enjoyed it locally this year, spending time in the outdoors (my prior post) :). Our weather has been gorgeous with cool temps and sunny skies, so until the rain comes again, it’s nice to take advantage. Have a great weekend also! 🥰💞

  4. Jane Sturgeon

    Happy Anniversary to you both, lovely Lauren. What a beautiful life you have created together and long may it continue. Much love to you both, always. xXx 💕😘💕✨

  5. Idrees Farooq

    What a beautiful and touching tribute to your love. Your words paint such a lovely picture of the bond you share, and it’s clear that your love has only grown stronger over time. Your love is truly a work of art, and I am honored to have read such a beautiful expression of it. Keep dancing together!

      1. Idrees Farooq

        You’re welcome! I always enjoy reading your work, and it’s my pleasure to offer my appreciation. Keep creating beautiful pieces like this one.

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