Three Men in a Boat – Oddquain poetry

During one of the moments from our lake respite a few weeks ago, my husband and I sat on the shore, gazing at the glorious sunrise while also watching three men in a boat float peacefully in the far distance. A poem was stirring but hadn’t materialized, and then I came across the Oddquain poetry format. So, below are my thoughts from this blissful morning, penned in the syllabic format of Oddquain…

Oddquain is a short, usually unrhymed poem consisting of seventeen syllables distributed 1, 3, 5, 7, 1 in five lines.

early morn
cold air touches warm
water, steam rises, halo

hear whispers
the lake is calling
geese witness from shore, unseen

will it change?
floating on glass-like
surface, poles dangle with lures

of golden
tones ascents, bringing
possibilities with its

Lauren Scott Β©
Sierra Mountains

Thank you for reading, and here is my latest book, More than Coffee.
“In the midst of all the strife and ugliness and turmoil “out there” in our world, comes lilting lovely prose and poems reminding us that the simple things of life – a cup of coffee, a hug from a child, sweetheart romance, hugging a tree, walking through the forest – these symbolize the reality of most of our lives. P. Wight

56 thoughts on “Three Men in a Boat – Oddquain poetry

  1. Latmospherique

    Wow Lauren!
    I could feel, through your words, the bliss you experienced at this time.
    Very nice and a lovely discovery too.
    Have a sweet dayπŸ’•

    1. Thanks, dear Sue. I wasn’t sure of the title, but then Three Men in a Boat just had a ring to it. πŸ™‚ I’m going to write more of this form. I really like it. Sending lots of love your way, too! Hugs! ❀️🌷❀️

    1. Thanks, Diana. We left our chairs by the shore since our site was just a few seconds up the path. So, we spent mornings sipping coffee and evenings sipping wine by the lake. Sublime for sure! I’m glad you enjoyed the form too. πŸ’ž

    1. I’m glad you liked this, Resa! Ironically, I have a couple of poetry books in mind, along with a children’s book in progress. But I haven’t been focused enough to reach the finish line on any of them. So, I need to focus! Take care and thanks for all your visits! xoxo

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