Just a Raindrop

Do you ever wonder
who else is out there?
Living, breathing, existing.
Who’s to assume

we’re alone here
on our planet with stars

millions of miles away
shimmering in the night?
Maybe some being

ponders the same question,
wondering if it is simply

a tiny atom or molecule
floating in the larger picture.
Maybe we’re just a raindrop

in someone else’s universe.

Lauren Scott ©
Photo: Pixabay

41 thoughts on “Just a Raindrop

  1. It is a fascinating and intriguing thought, Lauren, and one worthy of writing a poem about. “Just a raindrop” is a mind-blowing concept. ✨ I wonder if there are other poets out there. 🌌 I hope so!

    1. Thanks for your wonderful words, Michele, and I’m happy you liked “Just a raindrop!” I’m sure there are other poets out there, too. We may not know for sure, but we can always hope. 🥰

    1. I’m glad you do the same, Sue, and thank you for your lovely comment. Happy Weekend to you, too (I’m ready for it), and sending hugs your way also! 💗🌠💗

  2. Latmospherique

    You penned my thoughts and questions so well Lauren.
    We are drops and the world is full of them, stars to one’s universe, all part of a whole.

    1. That’s nice of you to “say” Marie. The world is so vast that there is no way to know what lies beyond those trillions of stars. I always appreciate your kind words. Take care and enjoy your weekend! 💕

  3. HI Lauren, I think people have been asking this question since the beginning of recorded time. So many authors and speculated on this point of what else is out there including my favourites, H.G. Wells and John Wyndham.

    1. I know, Robbie, this question will continue to be asked until we know the answers. 🙂 My husband and I were talking about this the other night, so these words came to mind. Thanks for chiming in. ❤️⭐️

  4. We discover young-to-us earth people, new galaxies, and planets all the time, some are thousands of light years away. It’s mindboggling. My husband watches some new recording every night done by a program other than Hubble. It has more details with vivid colors. It’s amazing. Great question, Lauren. We’ll find the answer, though may not be in my lifetime!

    1. You’re right, the entire concept is mind-boggling, and the answer will come someday, but not in our lifetime. Still, it’s magical to gaze at those stars and wonder…thanks for chiming in, Miriam. 💗

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