Rocking with Love

Built with tender hands
and love for his daughter,
she happily rocked through

childhood. Then with tiny fingers
wrapped around books, they
rocked like her – smiles spreading
across their soft cheeks.
Adorable animals enhanced
the white finish – charm never
to be erased. As memories

of her father flooded her mind
like a scrapbook of Polaroids,
Grandma watched her grandchildren
with a full heart, for that special rocker
embraced new generations
with the gentlest rhythm of love.

Our son in 1997, enjoying Grandma’s rocking chair that her father built. This precious little rocker has been passed down through our family for each new grandchild to feel the love.
Bigger smiles.

Lauren Scott (c) 2021 ❤️

43 thoughts on “Rocking with Love

  1. Oh, wow, Lauren, this is a beautiful tribute to enduring family love and heirlooms. This brought tears how I am now the Grandma with a full heart. All I wish for is the gentlest rhythm of love to be carried forward. Our turbulent planet requires hope and love. You share this beautifully in your poem. I love the photos! Thank you for warming my heart and your gift for words and for sharing emotions ❤️

    1. Aww, thanks so much for your awesome words, Erica! And I have a hunch your heart is always full! I agree and like what you said about our turbulent planet requiring hope and love. These are the elements of Life that we need to hold onto tightly. I’m sure the gentlest rhythm of love will be carried forward in your family too. Thanks again for your wonderful comment and I’m so glad you enjoyed the poem, the heirloom, and the photos. I love those photos too, but I may be just a little biased. 😉 Hugs 💕

  2. Ah, Lauren.. the gentlest and most beautiful rhythm of love. How wonderfully written and how sweet that this rocking chair accompanies your family for generations. Precious smiles! xoxoxoxo

    1. Thanks so much, Marina! There are special heirlooms in our lives where the love flows fluidly, and it’s these items that we need to preserve so the memories stay vivid in our minds and hearts. I love returning to old photos, letting those precious moments come into the light again. Thanks again, dear friend. ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thanks for your lovely words, Jane. Finding joy in these precious heirlooms is just one way of enduring the darkness in our world. We need to hold on tight to the good, to the love, and to the precious memories. Hugs 💗

      1. Jane Sturgeon

        You are so loving, Lauren. It is a beautiful way of holding loving light in the darkness. Tim has his Dad’s radio’s valves and equipment nestled amongst a lifetime’s book collection in our bookcases and it’s wonderful. I love that our tools nestle side by side with some of my Grandad’s in his old naval toolbox. Handmade pieces are treasures. Much love flowing to you and yours, always. ❤ Xxxx ❤

      2. Aww, thank you, Jane, and so are you, dear friend. I appreciate reading about your handmade treasures too. Wonderful memories to keep close to our hearts. Love and hugs to you! 💕

    1. Thanks very much, Val. Now that we’re empty nesters, we find ourselves perusing those old photo albums more often, and then finding memories such as this one about the little rocking chair that continues to rock through generations. 🙂 💜

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa. I’m happy to bring a smile and warm your heart. These special memories and heirlooms help carry us through life’s challenges. Wishing you the same. 💗💗💗

  3. Oh my!! This definitely reminded me of my own grandmother! Such beautiful words you gave written for her father who built that gorgeous rocking chair! Thank you for sharing this 🌻❤️🌹🥰

    1. Aww, thanks, Betty! I admit that photo of Michael melts my heart. He was home for the weekend and he’s much taller now. 🙂 Thanks for catching up and I’m so glad you’re feeling a little better. I’ll respond to your email later today. Love and hugs! xo

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