It’s about sharing the Love…

Candy hearts that say Be Mine
Red roses bestowing forever
Fancy dinners for two in love

A special night to remember

But what about the lonely –
The broken hearts and souls?
What about the hopeless
Where life has taken its toll?

On this day where hearts abound
Give love where you find sorrow
Let compassion be your guide
to fashion a better tomorrow

Lauren Scott © (revised & reposted)
Photo from Google

Wherever you may be emotionally on this Valentine’s Day,
know you are loved and virtual hugs are sent your way.


49 thoughts on “It’s about sharing the Love…

      1. There’s nothing wrong with Hallmark, John. 🙂 And I’m lucky to celebrate Valentine’s Day every day with my hubby. And it’s healthy to feel grateful, too. 😍😘

    1. Thanks for your lovely words, Erica. We just need to expand our thinking outside of the couples box. Valentine’s Day is similar to Christmas in that it doesn’t offer cause for celebration for all people. I hope yours has been wonderful, though. 💕

    1. Thanks, Ian, and you understood exactly what I was trying to convey. We can make love selfish (as you said) or we can show compassion and love for those whose hearts need mending.

  1. Lauren, your wonderful and kind-hearted spirit shines through in this post. Your poem is a powerful reminder not to forget those that are lonely, have no one to celebrate the day with and that they are kept in our hearts. Virtual hugs go a long way at the moment. I feel Valentine’s Day will have been particularly hard for so many this year. May we all take heed of your last two lines:

    ‘Let compassion be your guide
    to fashion a better tomorrow.”
    hugs xx ❤️

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Annika. I agree with you that this Valentine’s Day was probably difficult for many. Sometimes, it’s hard to celebrate, knowing there are so many who are suffering in different ways. I feel the same about Christmas – a holiday that is not necessarily joyful for all. Anyway, thanks again, and for mentioning those two lines as well. Sending virtual hugs! 💗

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