Thinking Ahead!!

Dear Friends,

Mother’s Day may be a month away, but with the pace in which time flies, it’s really just around the corner. So, if you’re searching for a special gift and one of poetic content, my books would be a great option. Both collections are influenced by various emotions derived from life’s experiences.

If you haven’t already purchased copies, then I hope you’ll consider doing so. Also, a Big “Thank You” to all of you who have already purchased my books – adding them to your home libraries or giving them as gifts, and who have also been generous enough to write reviews. Your support is truly appreciated!!!

To purchase copies, you may click on the images on my sidebar. Or, I’ve included the links below, as well:

New Day New Dreams 2013

“New Day, New Dreams takes the reader on a romantic ride of happiness, heartbreak, and passion, along with exploring struggles in life, while being inspired to move forward. Adding humor to the mix is a delightful reprieve from heartbreak and hurt. This collection of poetry is a reminder of long-lasting love, new beginnings, and showing appreciation for the special people in our lives.”

Finding a Balance 2015

Finding a Balance speaks often of emotions and spirit after finding out about my daughter’s life-threatening disease. However, in contrast to this sadness, I’ve always possessed a romantic soul. So, through faith and adding a touch of romance, coming out of the darkness and finding the light again is possible. This book takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride of different emotions evoked from life and love, but regardless of what is thrown in the path, hope always prevails.”

***Note: All proceeds from Finding a Balance go to The Chris Klug Foundation for Organ Donation Awareness. If you’re interested, here is the link for Chris’ story (click on the Transplant tab): Brief summary: He was diagnosed in 1991 with the same disease my daughter has now (diagnosed in 2012). 

Wishing you all Light, Love, and much Happiness!

~Lauren ❤❤❤





30 thoughts on “Thinking Ahead!!

    1. Thanks, Jill. Credit goes to my son for the New Day, New Dreams photo, taken in the sierras on a 50-mile backpacking trip. I took the second photo in Sausalito, here in my “backyard.”
      By the way, I finished your book and loved it!

      1. Both you and your son are talented photographers. You have a lovely backyard! 🙂
        I’m happy you enjoyed my book. Thanks for letting me know. ❤ I ordered Finding a Balance…I look forward to reading it!

      2. Thanks! He’s actually pretty good; I’m just lucky. 🙂 And thanks for ordering Finding a Balance, and for supporting the cause. I truly hope you enjoy the book. 💕

    1. Thanks so much, Michelle, for ordering both books and supporting me. And what a nice thing to say about your mother, too. Unfortunately, my mom passed away before my first book came out in 2013 – a tiny regret that I didn’t move faster in publishing these. Big hugs and have a peaceful Sunday. ❤

    1. Thanks, Betty. I’m actually working on a third collection now, but slowly. I’m unsure of the publishing part just yet, though. I’ll watch for your email 🙂 and have a good Sunday. 🌻😊💗

      1. I know what you mean about the publishing part. I’ve got three potential manuscripts but lack the funds, and the energy.
        Haven’t had a chance to email yet – hopefully today or tomorrow. 🙂

  1. What a great idea – promotion for your poetry, and a reminder to all that your poems would make a great Mother’s Day gift. You’re inspiring me to do the same with my children’s book, Birds of Paradise, because it also makes a lovely gift.
    I’ve put New Day, New Dreams on my Kindle. Keep on writing, my friend.

    1. Thanks, Pam, and yes, you should do the same for your children’s book. I have yet to read that one and your first novel. I started with the most current. 🙂 Thanks also for buying New Day, New Dreams, and I hope you enjoy. Have a good week! ❤

  2. Great idea! I love your poetry and I’m sure my mom will too. I hope you’ll have a wonderful Mother’s Day filled with lots of love and laughter.

    1. Thanks so much, Sheila! That’s nice to hear, and I hope your mom enjoys my writing, too. Thanks for the Mother’s Day wishes, also. I’ll be able to see both of my adult children, which will make my day. 🙂 💕

  3. Lauren, what a wonderful idea for Mother’s Day presents and your post is beautifully presented! 😀 Poetry lends itself to examining both the light and dark in our lives and these will be relevant to us all. Warmest wishes xx❤️

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