Maybe Then

You couldn’t find your place
You were lost in a space
Where nothing made sense
You had friends and they cared
But they didn’t dare
To look beneath your surface smile

In our hearts we carried hope
That strength would win, that you could cope
And for a while our worries were for nothing
We lost touch though; our worlds separated
But memories stayed true that we had created
And you weren’t forgotten

Then we learned of your demise
Tears fell from our clouded eyes
Our hearts shattered with disbelief
The sorrow showed with no disguise

If only we had shared some time
Precious time that we hold dear
To talk and vent and even cry
Maybe then you’d still be here

LS 2016

18 thoughts on “Maybe Then

  1. Maybe then. This brought tears into my eyes. My childhood girlfriend. .. died some years ago. Maybe then, if I acted upon certain things she’ll still be here… gone so soon. Left us with memories nothing can erase…. It still hurts till now. Maybe then…..
    Sorry for the loss of your friend. Lots of love , Hugs and take care of yourself. 💜

    1. Thanks, Maureen, losing a loved one always hurts and sometimes causes us to ask questions, too. I’m sorry about your friend, also..I’m returning many hugs and lots of love back to you…♥

  2. Such a sad lament… I think we may all have many of the maybe moments.. And such a sad story of one who faces their shadows alone .. None of us can truly ever know how another’s mind works. Sigh..

    A great insightful poem dear Lauren.. which should make us all look deeper to those around us for the signs.. xxx

    1. Hi Sue, thanks for your warm thoughts. These events are definitely heart-wrenching; she was only 23, a friend of my daughter’s. Yes, sigh…

      On a lighter note, I hope your Sunday has been peaceful and relaxing…unless you’re out working in your amazing garden. 🙂 Much love to you, my friend xo

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