State of Mind

I’m residing in a state of confusion
Where equations remain unsolved
Though I try to solve the riddles
My perplexity is not absolved

What might I do, would you suggest,
to escape this unclear universe?
Its clouds hover with shallow hugs
this quandary, I’d like to reverse

Though bafflement won’t get the best of me
There is much to do and life to live
I’ll let the blank spaces rest in peace
Accept what is, lest I become captive

Lauren Scott © 2015

30 thoughts on “State of Mind

    1. Thanks, Sue, and I’m SO glad that you’re no longer confused; one of us in that “state” is enough. 😀
      I’m always ready for the weekend, so thank you for your wishes and I wish you the same; although everyday is like Saturday for you, right? 🙂
      I’m trying real hard not to be jealous, but I’m unsuccessful most of the time. 😛
      Sending many hugs back! ♥ xo

      1. Yes EVERY DAY is like a Saturday LOL.. 🙂 Oh it will come sooner than you think dear Lauren, and then you will wonder how ever you found time to go to work! 🙂 Honestly 🙂 LOL… Big Hugs to you my lovely friend xxx

  1. The “learning to accept thing you cannot change” can be hard to implement at times, but there are a lot of things in life that we just can’t figure out.

  2. I love your way of thinking, Doda! 🙂 All is good, but sometimes life gets confusing. I’m looking forward to the weekend and I wish you a wonderful and relaxing one, too! Hugs! ♥

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