Just to see you smile


kitten and deer

If I could,
I’d give you the sun
wrapped in joy and love
because it’s you
who I think the world of

I’d bring a cup of warmth
for your coldest days
and my eraser of compassion
would take away your pain

If only I could
you know I would

Lauren Scott © 2014
(a small, simple gesture is all it takes, sometimes)
Have a wonderful day! 

45 thoughts on “Just to see you smile

    1. This is for you, my friend, and for many others I hold dear in my heart. Thanks, always, for your kind words that encourage me to continue writing. This is simple, but with a big message. Hugs to you, too! ♥

  1. Wherein the seemingly most minute of things becomes the grandest…. Marvelous. A heartfelt kindness can cross any kind or breadth of space. Thanks! And may you feel embraced in return, my sweet!

  2. The sweet and tender scene and the warm,gentle feelings of the poetic lines put smiles of happiness on my face and flooded my heart with bliss …
    Thank you dear Lauren 🙂 ❤

  3. This is wonderful Lauren. Your visual here reminds me of a few days ago. We took my visiting sister to a nearby wildlife park. Brother and sister bears were sitting together, playfully biting at each other and staying very close, much as this photo of yours. It was really touching to see the affectionate side of these huge, lumbering grizzlies. And yes, those small gestures are so meaningful!

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