San Fran by Michael 2013

Do you need rest,
solitude for your
heart and mind?

Accept and embrace it
and don’t be shy

to admit a fraction
of you needs only to
hear silence

where the depths of
your thoughts can
grow from their
lingering state

A precious gift
for your own

Lauren Scott © 2013
Photo: Taken in San Francisco
by my son, Michael

41 thoughts on “Realization

  1. I tend to keep busy surrounded by sounds or music to avoid the uncomfortableness of quiet. So sometimes I would benefit from a bit of solitude and would prefer that to be surrounded by nature and it’s sounds. Where would your sanctuary be?

    1. I am that way, too, Peter, but I think as our kids have become older (22 & 18), I seek quiet more often! 🙂 I do love music, though; that has always been in my life and is good for activating any emotion.
      My sanctuary would be either the ocean or mountains, if I could go somewhere. If not, then a quiet house is wonderful when I need it! Thanks so much for commenting and I will visit you later. I’m always behind on reading blogs, so please bear with me and have a great day!

    1. Thanks so much, Sue, and as I mentioned to Peter, the ocean and mountains are my favorites for quiet. And I’m using a lot of my son’s photos, lately. He comes in handy! 🙂 Hugs to you, too, and have a wonderful day! xo

  2. I treasure my moments of solitude, they are becoming more precious. However, there are times when keeping around busyness is better for me if I am worrying about things. A good balance between the two I think is what I need.

    Beautifully expressed Lauren, and Michael is an excellent photographer

    HBL ❤ xx

    1. I can understand the need for both, Chris, because when I’m also in one of my worrying modes, noise like t.v. or music is a great distraction. We have to be great jugglers and “balancers” in life, don’t we? 🙂 Thanks for your kind words about my poem and Michael’s photography. He sure comes in handy and I will convey to him, also! HBL xoxo ♥

  3. Oh, Lauren, this is so elegant in its simple but also vital message in how important solitude and silence is (it is the most blessed state, I think):

    This is especially beautiful and true:

    ‘ to admit a fraction
    of you needs only to
    hear silence

    where the depths of
    your thoughts can
    grow from their
    lingering state’

    XO ♥

      1. Yea, you welcome… sorry I’ve been so busy with work and haven’t stopped by to check on your page until now, but I’m glad I did. Coz the few poems I read sank into me, though I’m still catching up on many more of your thoughtful work…
        Keep up the good work ma’am!

      2. are so kind, Eve, and thank you! I’m so far behind on reading blogs, too, so no worries, at all! I’ll visit you soon, too; my Dad is here now, so online time will be even more scarce, but I promise! 🙂 And you keep up with your beautiful, heartfelt writing, too, my friend! ♥

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