His fingers played
my body
like a pianist
plays his keys
He knew
what I needed
He knew
how to please
This was my desire
even for only
an hour
forcing worries
from my mind
 vacation time
Pleasure poured
from his fingertips
as I slipped
from reality
questioning my
It wouldn’t
be right
to bear this
collage of thoughts
I hold

but this massage
trumps value
of the purest gold

LScott © 2013

42 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. A massage would do wonders about now.

    When I worked, occasionally the high up bosses would get in masseuses for everybody in the call centre. I would have loved for one of them to deal with me, but they were not trained to deal with my back problem, so I had to just watch every one else.

      1. Honestly, no! Mine leaves much to the imagination, though, as my family reads my blog, and I like it that way…people can visualize (:)) and imagine on their own. After reading some in the past, I thought, I can do that…then I thought of my Dad reading my poems, which he loves. But he made a comment once, joking, and I said to him, “Well, Dad, you have two grandchildren, so you know I’ve done it twice!” At 93, he laughed! 🙂 Anyway, if you read more, you’ll see more of romance, with a little twist of sensuality…:)

      2. Brilliant… I guess your kids too made read this one day… perhaps you should find a nomme de plume and write erotica elsewhere (for all I know you already have an I’m talking to E.L.James 😉

        I look forward to reading more (in general, not just the racy stuff!)

      3. Oh, you’re too funny! No, this is me and I can’t handle more than one blog. I also have two fb pages, one for personal, one for blogging friends, plus my poetry fb page, which I’m on all the time, also sharing other’s writing. And I’m trying to read other blogs and balance work, family, and dog. We all need more time, don’t we? 🙂 Anyway, thanks, Pooky! And I’m sincere in saying you should pursue that children’s book! My first poetry book is in the production process and will be out next month. I’ve already paid for a second and my son encourages me to try a children’s book, too. I’ve started many stories! lol We shall see; my self doubt weighs heavier in the story writing genre then in poetry…

      4. why is the self-doubt heavier in the story writing?

        It would be kind of weird I did pursue the idea of kids’ books (though it’s a lovely idea) as the only book I’ve had published to date has been about eating disorders… a bit of a switch of genre!

      5. Probably because it’s something new! 🙂 There are some poems I’d like in another book, too, along with some photos I’ve created with poem excerpts and quotes of mine (my recent “Clouds” and others I’ve posted on fb), so I’m not sure what I’ll do…I have to give it more thought. Yes, the subject of eating disorders is much different than children’s books, but I think your poem is wonderful and you could easily turn it into a book with fun illustrations. I can visualize it now!

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