His fingers played
my body
like a pianist
plays his keys
He knew
what I needed
He knew
how to please
This was my desire
even for only
an hour
forcing worries
from my mind
 vacation time
Pleasure poured
from his fingertips
as I slipped
from reality
questioning my
It wouldn’t
be right
to bear this
collage of thoughts
I hold

but this massage
trumps value
of the purest gold

LScott © 2013


Tropical sunrise

I must be dreaming when I say
good-night to the moon
I’m wrapped in your arms
our loving cocoon
then each morning when I wake
I fall into your eyes
swimming in your oceans
with the heat of our own sunrise
and when you pull me in deeper
with your slow moving kiss
we travel to a new world
in this feeling of bliss

© LScott 2013
Photo: Google Images