11 thoughts on “Dad’s Tanka ♥

  1. I love seeing you two together and the smile on your face is so priceless! It is a true Kodak moment that will remain timeless! I love both of you, and may both of your lives be always filled with a great abundance of blessings!

    1. Aww…Wendell, you are such a good friend! Dad’s home now (out of town), but we had such a great visit and I’m planning our trip for next month now…thanks so much for all your love and blessings, my friend and brother…xx

  2. Lovely words and picture – how happy you both look even in the sadness of parting for a while. May you have many many many more visits with your dad, Lauren. I lost mine in 1986 – he was only 63 (I was 32), but I am very blessed and grateful to still have my mom. Love and hugs, Diane x ♥

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