College – Haiku


tuition and books,

student housing apartments

fine, take my checkbook


© LScott 2013

Our daughter is graduating today from community college
and transferring to a university in the fall to work on her BA.
We’re so excited for this new chapter in her life
and so very proud of her hard work.
She especially didn’t let some daunting speed bumps stop her
or even slow her down to reaching this goal.
Her dedication and perseverance inspires everyone
who knows her…

Moving forward…♥

32 thoughts on “College – Haiku

  1. Congratulations to your daughter! She has shown what can be achieved through adversity. A lesson and inspiration to us all. 🙂

    And a lovely amusing poem to accompany this great news. I know the feeling!! ❤ HBL XX

    1. Thanks so much, Chris, and I’m not sure if my first reply went through (oh, the woes of tech problems)…anyway, your words mean a lot and I appreciate them! HBL to you, too! ♥

  2. Congratulations to your daughter Lauren, I only have a few weeks to go until I finish my course at university but I don’t graduate until December. I am sure your daughter will go a long way and I hope university brings her some wonderful adventures 🙂

    1. Thanks, Bianca, and congratulations to you, too, for your wonderful accomplishments! Your graduation will be here before you know it and that is so exciting! I appreciate your wishes for her and will pass them along. 🙂

    1. Aww…thanks, Sheila, and yes, it has been fun watching her grow into the responsible, beautiful young adult she is and we hope the new adventures are positive also. I’m glad you liked the haiku, too! 🙂 Many hugs!

  3. Julie Catherine

    Love the Haiku, Lauren – and huge congratulations to your daughter on her graduation! Sending love and hugs to you, my friend ~ Julie xoxox

  4. This is such wonderful news, Lauren. I can imagine how proud you and your family must be of her. I hope only the very best for her!
    Sending you much love and hugs! xxx

  5. Congrats on all the blessings and success in your daughter’s, and your, life. The young can be such a source of inspiration and challenge to their elders. God bless your holiday weekend–love, sis Caddo

  6. Aunt Susie

    We are so proud of Steph. She has worked hard these past 3 years and now has a double major to prove it. Steph, you are a beautiful girl, inside and out!!! Love you.

    1. Thanks so much, Ina, and yes, we donate to the college jar often, which feels more like a bucket! 🙂 But, it’s very worth it and she has worked very hard to move on like she will be doing…and our son is starting this fall, as well, graduating in 2 weeks from high school. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Diane, for your loving comment and your insight is one of the many reasons we are so proud of her…she could have given up and instead, she persevered, which is a big lesson for her family and friends. Many hugs to you! xo ♥

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