I thought LeRoy’s message was so special and wonderful, not to mention the beautiful artwork, that I chose to share. I hope this message helps you, too, and that you enjoy~ Lauren xx

Wordsmith's Desk

In yesterday’s posting, I shared how our grandson found his “bear in a tree.” It was literal as he carved his bear out of a tree trunk with a chain saw.

I use the term, “bear in a tree” to represent a God-given talent that each of us has. Our grandson found his talent out of curiosity and the use of a chain saw.

You may not have to use a chain saw to find our “bear in a tree,” but you might have to be more aware of an idea or a curiosity that may lead you to discover your talent. You might find it in plain sight.

I carried the notion of writing with me most of my life. Now, that notion is a reality. How much talent do I have? We’ll find out.

The thing is, if you don’t test drive an idea or curiosity, you will never…

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