Will You…

tulips 5

If I ask you…
Will you lie with me
share a moment
without expectations
only our feelings

Will you keep me warm
be soothed by my
no distractions
only heartbeats
in perfect rhythm?

If I ask you…
Will you lie with me
and listen
clear my mind
be my pillow
my lover and friend?

If I ask,
will you?

Lauren Scott © 2012
Photo: Sabrina Beauchamp
(Sharing some old romance)

Morning (re-post)

A little past dawn
light invites itself
streaming through
the window
Feeling the stare
my eyes open
only to realize
night has bid farewell
getting out of bed
and the biting cold
when toes
touch the floor

I pull the covers
over my head

Bodies warm
and cozy, a
all snuggly

lying next
to my hubby

Daybreak can wait
I’m not willing
to greet
the chilling
just yet

LScott © 2012

Sorry for another oldie, but thanks for reading again,
if you’ve already seen this. I’ve been busy
working on another project and haven’t had
time to write. Wishing you all a wonderful
evening or day, wherever you may be. ♥

Happy Heart Day! ♥

hugs and hearts

Here’s a Valentine wish
for my hubby to whom I’m smitten
and to all of you
who peek at what I’ve written,
to my dearly missed Mom,
it’s been a year since she’s been gone
to my family who support me,
they’re as strong as the sea

Today isn’t just a day for lovers,
It’s a day of love that covers
everyone who adds
color to your life,
lessens the strife,
adds calm to your crazy,
brings life to your lazy,
and adds love with a hug.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

With many x’s and o’s,

♥ ♥ ♥

Photo: Google Images