Bye Bye :)

It doesn’t take a frying pan
to hit me on the head
I get how you feel
I heard what you said
It’s not that I’m dense
and my ears work just fine
I had hoped you were different
and not just a swine
I’ll get by, though
Life won’t stop for me
I know I’m special
even though you won’t see
You didn’t know
a good thing
when you had it
Well, that’s fine
it’s time for us to split
So have a good life
C’est la vie
If you change your mind
don’t come lookin’ for me!

© 2013 LScott

I thought I’d have a little fun,
reminiscing on past “loves” worth forgetting.

Can any of you relate?
I hope I’m not alone!

Blogging Break…

Dear Friends,

I need to take a little break
from blogging and maybe even facebook.

There are some things in life that need my attention right now.
So I’m going to miss you all and I thank you, once again,
for your likes, comments and follows!
I may be a little slow in doing the same,
but please know my good intentions are there..

and I do appreciate your continued support.

I don’t know how long I’ll be “away,”
it may just be for a short time,
or it could be longer,

but I wish you all much happiness and
I look forward to returning to your inspirational
writing and photography.

I’m not crazy about “good-byes”
so instead, I say “See you later,”

and I’ll close this post with a
recent acrostic I wrote from early March
for those special friends in our lives…

including online! 🙂


For who wants to be alone?
Reveling in life’s joy or weeping
In between those moments; I’ll be your
Everlasting support, a listening heart,
Never will I take you for granted, for you are a
Dear soul who I can grow with, without growing apart

Stay Happy, Healthy and Safe and I’m sending Hugs your way!  ♥

© LScott 2013
Photo: Google Images