She faded into the atmosphere.
Sometimes unexpected events
blindside us, and other times,
choices wait nearby for the
reaching – consequences
need accommodating.

She faded into the atmosphere…
laughter once filled the room
with joy bouncing off walls.
Tequila and wine coolers
ebbed worries, deep dialogues
of divulged truths lingered into
the night.

Now colorless cobwebs suspend
of long-ago memories
with the realization
no new memories
will be in the making.

Lauren Scott (c) 2021

Bye Bye :)

It doesn’t take a frying pan
to hit me on the head
I get how you feel
I heard what you said
It’s not that I’m dense
and my ears work just fine
I had hoped you were different
and not just a swine
I’ll get by, though
Life won’t stop for me
I know I’m special
even though you won’t see
You didn’t know
a good thing
when you had it
Well, that’s fine
it’s time for us to split
So have a good life
C’est la vie
If you change your mind
don’t come lookin’ for me!

© 2013 LScott

I thought I’d have a little fun,
reminiscing on past “loves” worth forgetting.

Can any of you relate?
I hope I’m not alone!