In Technicolor

A time so long ago,
yet the memory
in technicolor…
I want to rip the page
from my mind’s
photo album,
because my heart
was foolish
to fall for that man,
our skies different
our dreams astray,
but the heart’s pulse
beats to a tune
of its own choosing,
never inspired
by logic,
nor will it ever be
But this man wasn’t
a cockroach.
I never wished
to stomp on him,
like others
who preceded.
And so, I’m grateful,
for without that page
I wouldn’t have
upon the path
that led me
to my love at last.

Lauren Scott (c)

One and Only

Her heart sings when he says her name
The tiniest things ignite their flame
A simple gesture he does is grand
The simplicity of taking her hand
He makes her smile when he holds the door
Old fashioned and thoughtful, which she adores
Her breath catches when he holds her close
Sensations slide to the tips of her toes
When she wakes in the morn and hears him breathe
It’s that very moment she truly believes

© LScott 2012