I lost my head in the clouds
idling somewhere unknown
My heart almost fell too
but I caught it just in time

Reflexes have improved
but there’s no other option
If sanity serves to stand a chance
they certainly can’t worsen

I wonder about my mind
why I had no control
and how it felt detached
acting on its own

It’s crazy how it perceives
only what it chooses
but sometimes that can be
the cause of me losing

I dare to say my world is fine
and the big sky is still clear
No stormy weather predicted
and my vision no longer obscure

Lauren Scott © 2015
(Currently fiction but can you relate?)


Just yesterday
I went for a walk
by myself
but I wasn’t lonely
until I slipped and fell
into a puddle of

There was no one to catch me

Once I gained my composure
I was only sure of confusion
and I wondered how
my clothes would dry

Puddles were in abundance

He is only being himself,
I silently conjectured

The air was cold
The wind insistent
I felt myself trembling
with only the truth
to blame

Lauren Scott © 2015