Winter’s Lane

I decided to pull this poem from my 2012 archives
and dedicate it to my friends whose lives are
abundantly snowy. 🙂 
Waking up to white blankets
of snow each morning 
sounds breathtaking, but
I know it can take a toll. So I wish my friends in
frozen lands much warmth from the sun when it
does peek through, staying focused on the arrival of
spring in another month and remember, cuddling
is also good for warming the heart. ♥

Whispering wind
Biting mountain air

Slushy footsteps
in laden boots
Sunbeams peeking
through cotton ball clouds
Shoulders touching
Parkas rubbing
Gloved hands holding
Red noses lead
icy cold to the touch
Eyelash icicles
forming in fantasy
Faces stinging
to wind’s embrace
Snowy ornaments
in towering trees
White blankets
on the ground
Glorious beauty
all around

Lauren Scott © 2012
(Stay warm & safe)

Happy 23rd Anniversary, Honey â™Ą

They say my heart lies on my sleeve
I can’t disagree, nor will I try
There’s another manner, though,
For me to prove that you’re my guy

In every verse, in every line
My feelings show quite clear
It’s impossible for me to hold back joy
That you’ve brought so near

How can I convey the importance of you?
What new words can I write?
Simply said, with you in my life
I always find the light

I’m a romantic, plain to see
This is silly, mushy and sappy
But, I don’t think it matters
If I’m truly, truly happy

You should be sure now, just how I feel
With each year, you’re loved more and more
Happy Anniversary, My Husband and Best Friend
Forever and ever, I will adore

Copyright 2012