ONE STEP CLOSER -An Inspirational Acrostic Poem

Overcoming our fears that attempt to control us, if we permit them

Navigating our well-planned itineraries and giving ourselves encouragement

Examining our individual expectations, to evade unnecessary pressure

Staying focused and not allowing our visions to become clouded

Turning our negativity into optimism; energizing our minds

Embracing what we “can do” instead of dwelling on what we “can’t”

Praying for God’s Grace and continual Guidance throughout our journeys

Combining our dreams with reality and stretching our thought abilities

Leaving our failed attempts buried in the forgiving past

Opening our eyes to new, plausible and stimulating opportunities

Supporting ourselves to avoid preventable disappointments

Edging towards our much anticipated, thrilling finish lines

Remembering to view the cup half full; half empty will only deter us~

Copyright 2012

This isn’t to inspire only for the New Year,
but,  for “forever.”

Blessings to you all~


Singing with the birds
outside the window
Belting out the words
in the acoustical shower
in or out of tune

Dancing barefoot
on the blanket of grass
Flying beside the butterflies
Humming with the buzz
of the bumble bees

Floating with the stars
Riding the Milky Way to Mars
Swinging on the moon
from one crescent
to the next

What a world of bliss
if we could all experience
this magical happiness

Copyright 2011