The Kiss

Those bedroom eyes…
It’s in the stare
before the leaning
A little heavy breathing
Mesmerizing to the core
Sweet, in slow motion
An electric pull
Tingles stirring
to curling toes
Body heat rising
in a warm embrace
Roaming hands
Wildfires spreading
Melting beyond reason
Head spinning
Global tilting
Magically unforgettable
Blissfully memorable
Sinfully intoxicating
Simply delicious
When lips unite~

Lauren Scott © 2011 (re-post)
If you’ve seen this before, I

hope you enjoy again because
we can never have too many…


Infinite Melody

star 2

My universe lingered timelessly in a lonely state
where darkness followed relentlessly with no possible escape
Now you’ve altered my world since the start of that day
when my vision of life transformed in euphoric ways
The beating of my heart changed to an unknown tempo
and the bird’s debut ended with a beautiful crescendo
Your arms were there to catch me when I was about to fall
to save me from a shadow that kept me feeling small
How kind of you to share your love, to think of me as worthy
to look beneath my saddened soul and see my genuine beauty
Where gray was very greedy, you gently placed a star
shedding light upon my sky, erasing all my scars
I will show you equal devotion that you have revealed to me
and together we’ll fly in truth and trust for all eternity

Lauren Scott © 2013
Photo: Google Images