Sky Canvas

The beginning…
Slipping, slipping, slipping…

Down by the lake, evening emerges with the fragrance of tranquility. The shore wears nothing but a few rocks scattered in its sand. A father and son hold fishing lines in their quiet space, hoping their luck will change. A lone sailboat glides by, pausing for the unfolding. An older man with hair the color of an egret leans against a stump. The clouds understand we wait with enthusiasm. To our naked eyes, their smooth edges have been highlighted as though the sun outlined each of their fluffy shapes with a fine yellow highlighter. Occasionally, trout jump out of the still water, unable to contain their excitement.

Then suddenly the sky displays an explosion of color: tangerine, salmon, canary yellow, brighter, and brighter with every second. We are transported to a dreamlike place where a painter gently swishes her brush back and forth on the immense backdrop, to the left and right, repeating with grace of an orchestra leader. Artwork in the sky. Can a presentation of the sun slipping behind the cottony clouds be so spectacular? The sun knows it is time for the moon to shine.

Lauren Scott Β©

40 thoughts on “Sky Canvas

  1. This is so gorgeous, Lauren. Your writing is elegant and your imagery transports me to that scene. No photos are necessary to visualize that entrancing sunset, though the photos are stunning as well. I love your poetic prose, my friend. ❀ ❀

    1. Thanks for your beautiful comment, Diana. It was hard to convey just how stunning this sunset was…the photos turned out pretty well from my old cell (smile), but they don’t always do justice to the real thing. I appreciate your kind words though. Have a wonderful Sunday, too! 🧑

  2. Latmospherique

    It’s absolutely awesome Lauren! Pure moment of bliss gazing at nature wonders!
    You described this time so well

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