Sarah gets ready for church each Sunday because attending deepens her faith. Just walking through the mahogany double doors causes worries to shed. She learns from the Word and singing songs of worship provides comfort. She believes because the evil in this world must be endured with a greater presence filled with compassion and love.

Peace stays nearby during somber times because of her faith. Yet, some people who attend in this sanctuary…they sing, they pledge, they sip coffee and chat during fellowship hour. But they are the reason she has one foot in and one foot out the door.

Lauren Scott (c)
Fiction – Drabble (100 words)
Featured photo/header: Google

31 thoughts on “Dynamics

  1. Wonderful prose, Lauren, conveying many layers and emotions in few words. It is (almost) unfortunate how it takes walking through mahogany double doors to shed worries. At least there is a place to go. And, a powerful last line!

    1. Thanks for your insightful thoughts, Erica. Faith itself holds many layers and going to church is only one of them. I pray most people have better experiences than Sarah’s, although her faith is strong to carry her through. 💗

  2. What an interesting and layered story, Lauren. I loved the ambivalence in the end as well as the characters desire to be compassionate and loving while she also succumbs to judgement. Faith is so tricky to navigate. All in 100 words! Well done.

    1. Thanks, Diana. Faith is tricky to navigate, as you said, and everyone’s experience is different. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Sarah’s experience resonated with some. Thanks again! A fun challenge. 🙂

  3. Lauren, a powerful story exploring faith and the church – the two do not have to be synonomous but obviously for Sarah they still are … she sounds torn yet wise and strong. Love the detail in here to paint a vivid image of her church visit!

    1. Thanks for your wonderful comment, Annika, that highlights another point that the two don’t have to be synonymous. But if the church environment was positive for Sarah then the combination would be beneficial for her. I appreciate your thoughts. ❤️

  4. I’ve learned to look up rather than look horizontal when it comes to spiritual matters. We all have inconsistencies in religious worship and that’s why God had to extend grace to us because we can’t help ourselves when it comes to perceptions and comparisons. So don’t let others interrupt your peace. Keep looking up. 🙂

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