Windy Fog & Duck Faces :)

Happy Friday, Everyone! I’m grateful for every day, but I can’t deny how glad I am when Friday rolls around. Anyway, for some “end of week” smiles, I’m sharing just a few photos taken yesterday at the Marin Headlands with my daughter and our dog, Copper…It was real foggy and super windy, but we still had a fun time. Although, I think Copper had had enough of the wind. 🙂 Gorgeous views even in the fog, which adds mystery to the photo, I’ll see the Golden Gate bridge is trying to push through and make itself known and the sky couldn’t have been bluer. The last photo is Copper and I making duck faces, while my daughter looks beautiful. 🙂golden gate in the fog

view of bay and bridge

blue sky above fog

lauren and copper duck facesWishing you all a Fabulous Friday and Wonderful Weekend ahead! Thanks for all your visits and a big Thanks to all my new followers, as well! ♥

Cookie card


Love and Blessings to you all, Lauren ♥

Golden Gate Glory

After spending some time in San Francisco,
we walked across the bridge. We’ve done this
a few times and each time,
our experience is just as amazing!

looking towards Marin

looking straight up

Super structure walking under the bridge


Sailboat tilting

Angel Island on the right

To the right is Angel Island.

Almost clear SF

It’s usually foggy in the bay,
but once in awhile, the sun will shine!

…and to conclude with some poetry, here is an old haiku…

Marvel by the bay
stretches through cold fog’s embrace
with proud arms of strength

© LScott 2012

Original post:

I hope you enjoyed these photos
and I wish
you all a wonderful day or evening,
wherever you may be! ♥