Happy Birthday, Honey! ♥

I’m wishing my Husband a wonderful Birthday today
and many more years of happiness with
the kids and I.
Below, is one of my favorites I wrote for him last December~

Cloud 9

Can you believe we’re “you and I?”
I’m still amazed that you’re my guy
How you fell in love with me
and how we came to be
I’ll never know just what I said
what I did to make you trip
I’m just glad I caught you then,
Do you remember when…
We danced all night and closed the doors
You held me tight and I was yours
The music stopped; our hearts kept beat
The tempo followed our graceful feet
You gently swept me off the floor
and I kept going back for more
Your loving whispers melted me
Our kiss good night lifted me
to a place I never thought I’d find
I’m finally where I want to be…
A lovely view
from the divine cloud nine

© LScott 2011

Originally posted on 12/11/11

I re-blogged this, then deleted it
and honestly, wasn’t sure if that was correct
or if copying it this way is the right way~ 🙂