Reviews for New Day, New Dreams

By Charlene Woodley – Sentimental, Smart, and Soothing

This book of poetry from Lauren Scott will soothe the mind, warm the heart, and bring peace to the soul.

For the ‘freestyle poetic reader/writer’, “New Day, New Dreams” is the way to go, but you will also encounter some very nicely constructed subtle and creative rhymes that bring home the true concept of the ‘true love’ oriented stanzas in her collection.

Scott’s words genuinely epitomize the true meaning of what a well-rounded family should be and the mastery to which she conveys the sanctity of love within a marriage leaves the reader with a sense of comfort and much inspiration to strive for the best relationships possible within her/his own marriage and family territory.

The author’s work enables the reader to relax, take in the scenery, and truly enjoy the time taken to read each piece in her collection regardless of whether all is read in one sitting, or if some is saved to enjoy later. However, upon perusing one piece, curiosity for the next will undoubtedly be piqued.

“New Day, New Dreams” is a self-explanatory work that made for a day of serenity for me as I flipped through the pages, and I am definitely on the lookout for new work from this author.

By Kimberly Floria – Lauren Scott writes with a gentle soul…

Lauren Scott writes with a gentle soul. Her words touch my heart and ignite feelings of love and tranquility. Her poem “If You Believe” paints a vivid image and shares a playful side of her talent. She pays tribute to her father in “To Dad, a Father’s Day Tribute” expressing the love she shared with her earthly father. Then in her poem “Endurance” she leads us to our Heavenly Father. “When I Look” oh what can I say. Through her words you know she loves her man. When you read Lauren’s poems you hear the passion she has for her family, nature and God. You will be wooed by her talent of weaving words together. I follow her blog and know that all her poems don’t reflect the realities in her life and I believe her imagination makes her an excellent writer. As I mention you feel her words. So treat yourself today to some great poetry.

By DM Denton – Highly recommended to touch your heart, move your spirit, and make you cry and smile.

Lauren Scott is a talented poet who explores her observations, thoughts, emotions, sensuality and spirituality in a variety of forms and through beautiful word play, deep feeling, wit and even playfulness. She offers poetry from her moments and memories; its subjects range from her love for her parents, sisters, husband, children and beloved dog, to reflections on rainy days and Mondays, sunrises, aging, walking through nature and along beaches, and even coffee–and that doesn’t begin to cover it all! This is a collection of verse that is grateful, optimistic, romantic, nostalgic, inspirational, motivational and amusing, by a poet who writes from the heart and a sense of what is truly important in life. I have followed Lauren’s blog for some time now and this special book just confirms my suspicions: she is always writing poems and although ‘Inspiration has its own timing/and it’s not always perfectly aligning’, she rarely lets her muse slip away unexploited.

By Eclectic Reader – Delicious Sentiments Artfully Expressed

I love this book! Lauren Scott has a special gift for creating heartfelt and sensual word pictures that convey an experience or a feeling simply and wonderfully. Among her poems you’ll feel the romantic pull between two people, a mother’s love, the crispness of a winter’s day, a childhood memory. She creates images we all can relate to, and find ourselves thinking, “Yes, that’s just the way it is!” This is an uplifting work, worth keeping handy when life gets you down.

By Geraldine – A Lovely, Evocative Collection of Poetry

I have been reading and enjoying Lauren Scott’s poetry blog for many years. It was wonderful to see that she has now published her first Kindle collection of poetry:

New Day, New Dreams.

Lauren has a heartfelt, touching style of writing poetry. Her words truly are “from the heart”. You can feel the emotion that goes into every one of her poems.

Many poems in this collection feature the theme of love. The complexity, the joys and sorrows… all the diverse facets of love, as seen through the eyes of someone in a long-time and loving relationship.

I’m looking forward to more books from Lauren in the future too. 🙂

By Chris M. – A beautiful journey of love and healing by very talented Poet, Lauren Scott

Lauren Scott is a gifted poet who writes straight from her heart and takes us on a beautiful journey with her tender words of encouragement and hope. She explores many different emotions with a positivity leaving the reader feeling warmly uplifted. Her gentle poems speak of love, emotional struggle, hope and humour. This isn’t a book to be left on a shelf; it is one to keep close at hand, to delve into for a lighthearted few moments or to linger over when in need of support, encouragement or reassurance.

By Francina Hartstra – Wonderful book and a feast to read

Lauren Scott’s poetry has it all. Her debut book is a collection of poems which are written from the heart. It’s all about life and love, the ups and downs and family. The poems are romantic, nostalgic, inspirational and amusing at times which make this lovey poetry a book a wonderful read.

By D. W. Peach – Reflective poems about love and family

This is the second book of Scott’s poetry that I’ve read. And I enjoyed it as much, if not more, than the first. Scott’s collection includes free form poetry, both with and without subtle rhyming. The poems feel personal, poignant, and from the heart, and many reflect the nature of love in its varied forms. Family relationships provide much of the fodder for reflection.

There were so many poems that I enjoyed that I stopped making notes. Some are touching and sentimental like “Morning After.” A poem called “Bananas” had me laughing with its silliness, and “Raindrops and Coffee” has wonderful imagery and a staccato rhythm (like raindrops). Other favorites were “In Loving Memory of Mom,” “Winter’s Lane,” and “Reflections.” Highly recommended for poetry readers who enjoy touching poems about life and family.