Reviews for Finding a Balance

By Robbie Cheadle 5 stars – Strong poetic meaning in simplicity

Finding a Balance is a collection of beautiful poems that speak to the daily emotions of life and, in particular, the pain and sadness of her journey along the path of a life threatening illness in a family member. Both my sons have suffered, and continue to suffer, chronic illnesses so this is something that is close to my own heart and to which I intimately related.

The poet’s shock at the news is clearly described in her poem The Cards We’re Dealt, a saying I use myself in relation to my own family’s illnesses. This is a quote from the opening stanza:
“We sail through life smoothly
until a wave knocks us down
with no means for escaping
no turning around or backing away”

Seeing our loved ones in pain and ill and not being able to do anything about it is one of the heaviest burdens a mother can bear. These words say it all:
“Shaking my head,
I lie in beads of sweat’
gripping the edge,
waiting to fall
into the depths …”
From Reality’s Edge

Not all the poems are about chronic illness. Many are about the poet’s love for her family and her husband of 26 years. There are some delightful romantic poems in this collection. The one I enjoyed the most is called The Box:
“You placed it in my hands, adorned with a red bow
only a short clip of time had passed by our window
After pulling out tissue paper of white
I was entranced by the amazing sight
For inside was a lifetime together
and a house to be filled by the love we would gather
The walls stood bare waiting for memories to dress
showing reasons for us feeling truly blessed
The best gift of all, thought, I am thrilled to say
was your heart at the bottom, committed to stay”

I have read another book by this poet and find her writing and poetry to be simple and genuine, filled with realistic emotions and thoughts and not couched in complex wording that is difficult to decipher and understand. There is poetic strength in simplicity.

By Bette A. Stevens 5 stars Reflections on life…

Finding a Balance is filled with the author’s poetic wanderings through love, loss and the perplexities of life. Lauren reveals that hope is alive and well within us ~ Bette A. Stevens, author of AMAZING MATILDA (Award-winning children’s book) and other books for children and adults of all ages.

By D. W. Peach 4 stars Heartfelt verse

I read this short book of poetry on a quiet evening. Many of the poems are reflections about the journey of life: love, pain, hope, and self-discovery. They’re told from a gentle and often wistful perspective. Scott’s language is accessible, as are the emotions within her poems.

Most of the poems rhyme, some subtly and some more pronounced. I generally prefer free-form poetry, but there are some lovely pieces in here including a selection of haiku. A few of my favorites were: Pillow, Healing, Refreshing, and Butterflies to Stay.

For an example of her poetry, this is the first stanza of Healing:

Gasping for air
with my head underwater
lungs on the verge
of exploding
I’m in orbit
heading into a world
of other dimensions
where gravity
has no bearing…

By D. M. Denton 5 stars A perfect balance of moments, memories, uncertainty, and hope

Lauren Scott writes with a generous heart, sensuous spirit, probing sensitivity, natural stride, and spiritual stillness. Her second poetry anthology, Finding a Balance, is as inspired, sincere and enriching as her first, New Day, New Dreams. It offers another beautiful compilation of her personal reflections on life’s joys and challenges and love’s many facets, but this collection admits vulnerability, as if it has emerged from a deeper and sadder perspective. Not surprising when a personal difficulty has tested Lauren’s persuasive optimism, pragmatism (“I’m not one to dwell/on the impossible”), and unapologetic faith; her moments and memories introspective and questioning; her moving forward more keenly aware of alternate routes.

Yet, her journey remains hopeful. (“I believe highlights of/optimism would be an/appealing change/Then I’ll start to pave/a new path and/be on my way.”) There are smiles in these pages. Blessings are never discounted in the face of adversity. There is the comfort of loving and being loved to overcome disappointment and fear of loss. The strength of Lauren’s poetry is in its necessity in her life, its romantic expression, its healing composure, and its enthusiasm for the magic and meter of words and the perfect balance between what they disclose and leave unrevealed.

“… what lies beneath/could tangle one’s feet/but sometimes choice/isn’t an option/and your toes get sucked in/before realization pays you a visit/and you struggle beyond words/to keep your head above water/trying to protect what’s in your heart/what truly matters.”

By Kimberly Floria 5 stars Words that touch the heart and ignite feelings of love and tranquility

Lauren Scott writes with a gentle soul. Her words touch my heart and ignite feelings of love and tranquility. Her poem “If You Believe” paints a vivid image and shares a playful side of her talent. She pays tribute to her father in “To Dad, a Father’s Day Tribute” expressing the love she shared with her earthly father. Then in her poem “Endurance” she leads us to our Heavenly Father. “When I Look” oh what can I say. Through her words you know she loves her man. When you read Lauren’s poems you hear the passion she has for her family, nature and God. You will be wooed by her talent of weaving words together. I follow her blog and know that all her poems don’t reflect the realities in her life and I believe her imagination makes her an excellent writer. As I mention you feel her words. So treat yourself today to some great poetry.

By Scott Mitchell 5 stars Awesome!

Love this author and her expression. Been a fan for several years.

By Andrew 5 stars

Enjoyed reading this poetry collection.

By Chris M. 5 stars A beautiful and inspiring second collection of poetry

auren’s second collection of poetry, Finding a Balance, delivers exactly as its title suggests. There are poems of love, acceptance, fear, gratitude and hope. all equally balanced, helping the reader to arrive at their own place of contentment along life’s road whatever it may throw their way. All Lauren’s beautiful words are underpinned with her strong faith that whatever happens, storms can be weathered even through the most difficult times. Lauren’s writing flows with the rhythms of life, her words as gentle as they are fiercely passionate. This is a beautiful book to keep close at hand for moments of quiet reflection or for solace when life is giving us a rough ride.

By Nature Tails 5 stars It is for a medical charity in honor of author’s daughter

Excellent poetry, an important reason for publishing – for charity.

Joanna Ahbourn

By Balroop Singh 4 stars Inspiring poetry

Finding a Balance by Lauren Scott captures myriad emotions that beseech us to accept whatever life offers and find a balance in tears and happiness. A combination of deep love and yearning, the poems in this collection exude realism, speak of sadness but also offer soothing thoughts. Scott knows that our only choice is to move forward. While we seek answers to our questions, comfort can be found in prayers and hope.

The poems are written in a simple and straight-forward style and are easy to understand. There is a craving to rewrite some unpleasant chapters of life, to open new doors, to brush aside dejections and embrace light. My favorite poem is ‘The Box,’ as “The walls stood bare waiting for memories to dress” evoke memories we cherish. Lovely!

By Jill Weatherholt 5 stars A book to savor!

I was introduced to Lauren Scott’s beautiful writing on her blog, so I was anxious to read more of her poetry in Finding a Balance. Currently, I’m facing some challenges in my life, so I found tremendous comfort in her gentle words that seemed to flow off the page. Each of her poems touched on a variety of emotions. One that particularly spoke to me was “I Ask This of You.” This is a book I will return to over and over. I’m looking forward to more from this talented writer.