We Reflect to a Deeper Layer

We are graced with their presence, beauty colors
our universe like an endless ceiling of bright blue sky.
Then one morning we wake with heavy hearts,
realizing they have gone, as though sneaking out
in the middle of the night without a word, their
existence seemingly nonexistent. Iron-gray clouds
move through that lovely cloudless sky like a brush
stroke of lingering gloom. We suspect the sun has
an attitude, refusing to rise. And each new day
magnifies the question: Did words accidentally
slip from our tongue landing like poison? Then we
reflect to a deeper layer, flipping a switch because
maybe it’s not us. Maybe it’s them. A surmising…
to soothe the bruises on our hearts.

Lauren Scott ©

24 thoughts on “We Reflect to a Deeper Layer

  1. I love the phrase, “We suspect the sun has an attitude.” I’ve spent too many sleepless nights ruminating on words that “accidentally
    slip from our tongue landing like poison.”

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and kind words, Evelyn. I would think many of us have had similar sleepless nights as you for that reason. And I’m so glad you like that phrase. 💞

  2. Latmospherique

    Very well penned thoughts Lauren. Yes we often wonder if it’s us but maybe it’s just life, as hard as it can be sometimes.

    1. It’s part of life and very sad, but you’re right, Marina, forgiveness remains an option and always good for the heart. Thanks so much, dear friend. 💕💕🌺💕💕

  3. Often we assume and misunderstand and instead of questioning seeking answers to clarify … We build up clouds that drive the sun out of our lives for a while… Yet the Sun was always shining, always there waiting for us to capture it within our hearts once more..
    We are all multi-layered peeling the grey bits off 😉
    Sending love Lauren.. Loved your poem.. ❤

    1. Well said, Sue, and I like your phrase: We are all multi-layered peeling the grey bits off. So true! Sending love to you, too, and I’m glad you liked this poem. Thanks for your lovely thoughts. 💗🌻

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