I opened the oven door with my young children peeking around me and we all laughed! Instead of the meringue cascading in still perfection, cracks engulfed every inch as though an earthquake rumbled over the top. Through giggles, we yelled, “The Earthquake cake!” A Blitz Torte. It was my dad’s favorite, stemming from past generations of his German heritage.

The memories! There was Mom, standing in the kitchen of dark wood cabinets, hand mixer purring as she blended the magical ingredients for dad’s birthday each year. Mixing up this feather-light textured cake was no simple culinary experience; separating egg yolks from their counterparts, the egg whites, was a step mastered with practice over time. The meringue topping had to be whipped to precision like an image of still cascading waves in the ocean. Having only attempted this recipe once with the result resembling the earth riddled in quakes, Mom and Dad cracked up when they saw the cracked-up cake! Hilarious to the eyes, but the slight almond crunch of the meringue and creamy texture of the custard filling decadently pleased our palates.

And then one day I tasted carrot cake – the mixture of spicy cinnamon, tangy crushed pineapple, shredded carrots, and crunchy walnuts immediately deemed this cake my utmost favorite. Add the smooth, delectable cream cheese frosting (that I could eat by the spoonful) and you have life’s essentials on a plate! And it’s advantageous that carrot cake counts as a vegetable in my kitchen.

It was the day of my bridal shower. I walked into my maid of honor’s home, instantly inhaling the spicy scent. Carrot cake! She knew me too well, and her mother created the best recipe. Our moms and all the girls were in dessert heaven with each bite of that delicious piece of art. And so, the top of my 5-layer wedding cake was carrot – it had to be that way for my special day. Fortunately, my husband was a fan, too!

My two teenagers on a spring March day pulled on their carrot-shredding gloves and presented to me their creation while belting out, “Happy birthday to you...” With its two uneven layers, it wasn’t pretty, but it brought on the biggest smile. Their efforts earned them an A+, and when I treated myself to that first bite, I tasted spicy, creamy excellence. With their love and thoughtfulness stirred into the process, satisfaction was redefined!

I often delve into the carrot shredding and cream cheese whisking myself, watching my family revel in each forkful of the sinfully delicious dessert. This recipe has become a treasure in my collection evoking these precious memories. Whether it’s a Blitz Torte bringing to life images of my parents who have since left our physical world or a Carrot Cake from wedding and birthday celebrations, the stroll down memory lane becomes more poignant with each new bite.

Lauren Scott (c) 2021

Header: My birthday carrot cake this year that a wonderful friend made for me. 🧡🧡

45 thoughts on “Cake

    1. Thanks, dear Marina, and you’re right about cracks or no cracks. Those cakes are always perfect in their own way. A friend of mine was given this prompt in her writing class, so when she mentioned it, these memories immediately surfaced. A fun piece to pen. 🙂 Hugs! ❤️🎂🌷🌻

    1. Thanks, Sue, and I’m happy to hear you love carrot cake, too. My friend’s cake was delicious and the sweetest gift! 🙂 Thanks for the birthday wishes, also. It was fabulous turning 60! Sending love and hugs back to you! ❤️😍🎂

      1. Fantastic….. I remember my 60th and to say I thought I would dread the day…. It was just the best birthday ever.. 🙂 ❤ Congratulations and I would never have put you at six decades lol… Lots of Love my dear friend.. ENJOY Easter ❤

      2. That’s how I felt, Sue, and thanks about the six decades. It’s just a number, and it’s how we feel on the inside. I feel 25! 🙂 Wishing you the same, my friend. 💗🌷💗🌷

  1. Lauren, I’m smiling at your ‘cracked cake’ – meringue is nigh impossible for us mortals to make – my mother and brother are a dab hand, the less said about my attempts the better. Your carrot cake has my tummy rumbling. Your post is full of life, fun and energy between you and your parents – although passed I feel they are still with you every day, their love resonating in your words. The sense of taste is often forgotten regarding memories and your post reminds us that ‘the stroll down memory lane becomes more poignant with each new bite.’ Wonderful writing, wonderful post! xx❤️

    1. Annika, your words are truly touching, capturing every essence perfectly of my memories that I strived to convey. “Full of life, fun, and energy between you and your parents” is exactly what I wanted the reader to feel. The sense of taste, oh yes, I hoped the spicy, creamy, sweet, and crunchy scents and flavors would be vivid and palpable. Coming from you, a fabulous writer, I appreciate your praise. Sending love and hugs! ❤️🍰🥰

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience and memories, Lauren! Your writings have reminded me of the time I baked a homemade cake for my husband’s birthday, it looked like an earthquake on top. The frosting on top did not help.( LOL.) We had a laugh, it tasted delicious.
    Many blessings
    Lisa xoxo

  3. Michael

    Maybe we’ll have to take another stab at that Blitz Torte! …But your carrot cake is always a guaranteed delight!! 🙂 Thanks for recalling these fun, humorous, and delicious memories!! Can’t wait for your next book! Love, Michael

    1. Another fan, yay! 🙂 A friend of mine was given the prompt of “cake” in her writing class, so when she told me, I gave it a try. It was fun reminiscing and writing about those good times with family and friends. Thanks for popping in, Diana. And you’re right…can’t go wrong with cake! 🥰💗

    1. So true. Many wonderful memories can surface from such simple things in life. And it’s those simple moments that make life so worthwhile. Thanks so much for stopping by. 🌹

    1. That’s great you’re a fan, too, Alison. I mean, who doesn’t like carrot cake? 🙂 Happy to inspire you to bake something sweet! Thanks so much and take care! 🍰❤️

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this post, Teagan, and thanks for the birthday wishes. The celebration continued for over a week, which made it worth turning 60 for. 🙂 Hugs back to you!

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