The day is approaching
when I’ll be left
standing on the sidewalk
watching your car
become smaller and smaller
as the distance between us
grows wider

Your dream has been patient
for a lifetime, it seems
It’s been eager to be set free
So I’m glad the time has come
for you to chase it

When you reach that state,
Capture it, Hold it tightly
as if it’s a new puppy
wiggling excitedly
to jump out of your arms
Feel the joy I feel for you –
know how proud I am

Oh, yes, I’ll shed
a few…
in fact, the rain
may linger
for a day or two

But remember
to live your dream
knowing my love for you
stays in your heart
wherever you may travel

Lauren Scott © 2018
(To my daughter) ❤

59 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. Lauren, what a beautiful poem to give your daughter on her start out in the
    big world of dreams, of challenges and successes. And tears at times.
    Hard for the mother and at times, scary for the young.


    1. Thanks for your compassionate words, Miriam. She’s been local for three years since she graduated from university, but now she’s moving across country to chase her dreams. We’re so used to seeing her every day that it will be different not having that ability. But, we’re excited for her and can talk, text, or skype at any time. 🙂 That’s the benefit of technology. And when she’s settled, we’ll hop on a flight. ❤😊

    1. Thanks, Jill. She got teary-eyed when she read it, but she loved it. I was inspired by one thought and wrote it in ten minutes. Usually when that happens, I make changes, but I may just leave it as it is. We shall see. 🙂 💗

  2. deborah harper

    very heartwarming,felt that way when Holly left home to get married, couldn’t listen to “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins without bawling, I’m here for you to talk anytime

    1. Thanks, Alison, and it’s comforting to know I’m not alone in how I feel. I’m sure your daughter loved your poem, too. My daughter has been local since she graduated from uni. three years ago, so it’s going to be a culture shock not being able to see her each day. And she’s moving across country, but once she’s settled, I’ll feel better. Technology is a plus, though-so many options of communication.Even my hubby has gotten teary-eyed thinking about the day she leaves. We’ll have to plan a drive and get out of the house to distract our emotions. 🙂 💕

    1. Thanks so much, Francina. It’ll be okay. She’s lived locally for 3 years since she graduated from college. So now it will be quite different having her live on the opposite side of the country. But we’ll keep in touch often and will book a flight once she’s settled. 🙂 Love and hugs from across the big pond. xoxo

    1. Thanks so much, Bette. She got teary-eyed when she read it, but loved it. We’re happy for her and will visit her once a few months have passed and she’s settled. 💕

  3. Lovely tribute to the love and pride with which we let go the most precious parts of our lives Lauren! With moist eyes we look at the horizon they choose for themselves, and watch them fly…unforgettable moments of delight and angst! My blessings and best wishes for your daughter dear friend.

    1. Thanks, Balroop, and you said it well. She graduated from college three years ago but has lived locally. So it’ll be different not being about to see her often. But with technology, we can communicate in many ways. And once she’s settled, we’ll fly across country to visit. 🙂 Thanks for your wishes, too. ❤

  4. Lauren, a beautiful poem/gift for your daughter and one she will treasure and keep close to her heart. You echo exactly what my feelings and thoughts will be this time next year as my son leaves for university … a momentous day for us both and filled with emotion. Her love for you will forever be in her heart too – an unbreakable bond!❤️

    1. Thanks, Annika, and welcome to the club! 🙂 She has been local since she graduated from college 3 years ago. So it’ll be a shock to our system with her living across country. But she’s chasing her dream and I’m optimistic she’ll catch it and embrace it. That’s what we have to do, right? Raise them to the best of our ability-provide a solid foundation of love, encouragement, and support. Then watch them fly and pave their own paths. And yes, we have an unbreakable bond for which I am truly grateful. I offer best wishes to you when your son leaves, too. And have the tissue nearby. 🙂 Love and hugs!💕

      1. Jane Sturgeon

        Yes, I remember it with Emily, like it was yesterday. A new chapter…. ❤ xXx ❤ hugs for you, my lovely ❤

  5. What a beautiful, heartfelt poem, Lauren. I can resonate, remembering when the nest here became empty. Thank heavens for modern technology to keep us all close! Will be thinking of you when that day arrives, though….😍💕

    1. Thanks, Betty, and technology will definitely come in handy in this case. I don’t think our nest will be empty for another year or so. 🙂 But that’s okay. I continue to embrace the higher utility bills. 😀 And you may hear from me around that time. It’s all good, though, and exciting for her. Hugs!💗😊

  6. A parent’s love is fathomless.

    Your words sing with such poignancy, and reaches the core, Lauren. So beautiful and something that any child will treasure.

    Happy for you . Happy for your daughter.


    1. Thanks so much for your beautiful comment, Eric. I (and my husband) are so happy for her, but every now and then we get emotional, thinking about her living across the country. We’re so used to seeing her every day, so we’ll miss her very much. I couldn’t get to sleep last night just thinking about her moving. I’m a mess! And yet, I’m excited for her. It’s a mishmash of emotions. 🙂 But, in the end, it’s all good. Happy Weekend!

  7. Such a beautiful tribute, Lauren! It must be hard to see her go but like you said, technology will keep you in touch with her in so many different ways. Love the line about the new puppy wiggling excitedly out of one’s arms – I know exactly how that feels.
    Wishing your daughter all the best for making her dream come true! Xoxo ❤

  8. Wonderful poem to your daughter Lauren.. Its hard when we say goodbye as our children spread their wings and fly the nest… All we can do is wish them well with their dreams, in the knowledge we did our best to teach them how to flap their wings.. ❤

    1. Thanks so much, Sue, and I couldn’t agree more with you. But I’m having my 2-minute emotional moments now and then. She’s leaving this Sunday. Ahhh! Will I survive??We have such a good relationship; it’s shifted into a wonderful friendship and I’ll miss her. But, I’m excited also that she’s pursuing her dream. And we’ll visit down the road once she’s settled and established. Sigh…💕

      1. I so remember that feeling when both mine left home.. More so my daughter.. My son didn’t leave until he was mid thirties, and I almost packed his bags for him.. LOL.. kidding… lol… hehe… Dreams are important.. May she keep following them.. ❤

      2. It must be something about daughters…and thanks for the smiles about your son. 🙂 Mine is home now after college grad. but he’s working full-time for awhile until he has enough money saved up for his next chapter-either in DC or LA. You’re right, dreams are important and we’re so proud of her. And now we have a trip planned in the spring! Big hugs to you! ❤❤

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