Skipping Stones

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to announce the publication of my good friend’s book, “Skipping Stones.” Betty is a lover of nature, Mother Earth, gardening, song and dance. She writes beautiful poetry that leaves the readers sighing…She graciously asked me to write a review for the back cover of which I remain honored to do so. Please see below…

“Betty’s poetic narration in Skipping Stones is mythical and dreamlike, moving and heart- wrenching, delightful and thought-provoking. All facets of Mother Earth play an integral part in Betty’s life, and after reading her poetry, including the poignant personification of a tree, the reader feels more compassion. The language of grief is strongly persuasive, as if pulling the reader to the ground, weeping. The poems of love and romance seamlessly interlace joy, sorrow, and passion. Each word, each line, each verse in the Maeberrie series portrays vivid imagery and a mastery of captivating storytelling. Betty’s writing illustrates the seasons of life, peeling through many layers, touching countless levels of emotions, while adding clever wordplay. This book of poetry impeccably represents the devoted, empathetic, and beautiful spirit of the author.” 

Skipping Stones cover

The photo for the cover was taken by her son, Jason, and is absolutely gorgeous and enticing enough to turn the pages and discover the beauty that lies inside. So…

Here is the convenient short link for Amazon:, and if you haven’t already found her blog, I encourage you to pay her a visit, as you will not be disappointed. She is an amazing writer, so all it takes is one click:


Thank you for your support, and I know you’ll love not only Betty’s poetic style, but also her heart.
~Lauren 💕🌷





25 thoughts on “Skipping Stones

    1. Thanks, Jill, and I just posted an update. I do hope you’ll consider purchasing a copy of Betty’s book, as I know you’ll love it. But I just found out that it’s temporarily out of stock. So, I’ll post an update when it’s available again at the original price of $13.95. Thanks again for your kind words and wishes! 💗💗

    1. Thanks so much, Doda, your lovely words made my day. I do hope you’ll consider buying a copy because I know you’ll also love Betty’s writing. But I’ll do an update once I find out it’s available again. Love and hugs, my friend…xoxo

    1. I know you’re one of her dear “fans” Audrey. I’m happy for her, too. It’s a special feeling to have your writing in print. Hugs to you, also! 🏵🌸

  1. What a compelling review Lauren! Thanks for sharing and congratulations to Betty. I haven’t read her poetry and must hop on to her blog right now. I am glad you have shared her link. Since you don’t have any twitter account, where should I share this post?

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words about my review, Balroop. It was an honor to be asked to write something for her back cover. I know you’ll love her writing, too. As for sharing this post, you can share on your blog. I deleted my fb page because I just didn’t have the time to keep it up, which is the same reason for twitter. So, if you share on your blog that would be wonderful, and I appreciate you asking. Thanks again and wishing you a lovely weekend! 💗🌷

  2. Wow! A beautiful review, Lauren of what seems a heartfelt and tender book! Betty must be so happy for this to appear on the back of her book – along with the striking and colourful cover I am immediately drawn to her book. One for my list of books to read … Wishing her good fortune with ‘Skipping Stones’.

    1. Thanks so much, Annika! It was an honor that Betty asked me to write something for her book. And I’m so glad you’ll add it to your library, too. I know you will love it. Yes, the cover is striking, indeed. Your wishes are also greatly appreciated. Hope you’re having a good day! Hugs!

  3. What a wonderful review you wrote for your friend, Lauren! I already know that I will love her poems! And the art work of the cover really is beautiful. Thank you for introducing her to us! 😄💕

    1. Thanks, Sarah, and I know you’ll love Betty’s poems, too. Check out her blog also, if you haven’t already. I love the cover; it’s gorgeous, to say the least. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend, my dear friend…❤🌼🌷🌻😊

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