Everywhere, affecting our senses
We’re subjected to horror never-ending
How much more can our souls ache?
How much more can our hearts break?

Should we succumb to defeat that we feel?
Throw in the towel with arms in the air?
Are they winners again because we allow, 
Or is perseverance what it’s all about?

Let’s not restrict our minds to the darkness
Instead, dare to dream with eyes wide open
Envision the world we desire to see
Surround ourselves with the light we need


Lauren Scott © 2018
Photos courtesy of Google
(In view of the frequent negativity all around the world,
here is some Light to carry with you today.) ❤

28 thoughts on “Onward

  1. No news is good news. And good news is not news – because it does not sell as much.

    You’re right, Lauren. It’s a war the dark will win but only if good loving and god fearing people allow it to win.


    1. Hi Eric,
      It’s just too bad that the good and heartwarming news doesn’t sell as well. What’s wrong with this picture? So, we can’t allow the darkness to win no matter how difficult life gets. Thanks for your comment, and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Well written Lauren, hopelessness and despair is overwhelming in this day and age, I often wonder if Man has ever really evolved or just reliving a Groundhogs day from the Cave Man era.

    1. True, but it’s in your face on Facebook, as well, and who knows about other social media sites that I’m not contributing to. No matter what the news is, it’s usually the bad news that is magnified, attracting more attention. That’s the problem. But, yes, keeping informed as to if the world is ending tomorrow or hearing the same old negative reports repeatedly are two different things. So, it’s best to not watch or listen too much. 🙂

    1. You’re welcome, Betty, and thank you, too! Sometimes, I get so discouraged, so I write to cheer up and hope it has the same positive effect on others. Wishing you a great weekend, also, and sending hugs back! 💗🌼

  3. Lauren, wow! Words and thoughts like these are what will help bring light to the darkness! Powerful writing and I believe the strength of so many wanting good has to have some effect. Lovely touching post and sentiment.😀❤️

    1. Thanks so much, Annika, for your beautiful words! All we can do is continue hoping with positive thoughts. I’m so glad you enjoyed this poem. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs 💗

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