Prayers in Autumn

I repeat the words again
They are said with reverence
With eyes closed, hands folded
They are woven with hope
Each time softly spoken

Yet, the only change
Is the color on the leaves
Does He sense the tone
from which I speak?
Does He hear my pleas?

Understanding the
Importance of timing
Takes time in itself

The new season brings
Warmth with its colors
And new enticing flavors
While hope becomes hazy
And faith begins to waver

Lauren Scott 2017

I tried something new this time, so below is the audio link:



24 thoughts on “Prayers in Autumn

    1. You’re right on both accounts, Ian, and I agree on both. This was written during a tough moment, as we all have from time to time. But I’ll always have faith and hope, even if they flounder. They always steady themselves, once again. My other main focus on this post was to add the audio, which wasn’t easy, but worked (finally). Have a good day!

  1. Prayers without faith fall flat. It is the faith that carries prayers on its wings but faith is like hope, it is bound to wobble at times. 🙂 Reassurance and acceptance keeps them alive.

    1. Beautifully said, Balroop, and I also agree. Sometimes, poetry isn’t always penned from a joyful heart. This was written during a tough moment. However, though faith and hope may seesaw at times, they always stabilize. My other focus here was to add the audio, which wasn’t easy for some reason. Thanks for your lovely comment, and enjoy your day!

    1. Yes, that’s the tough part…understanding timing. Thanks for stopping by, Eric. All poems aren’t drafted from happy moments. This is one of them. But faith and hope always return. It’s including the audio that I had trouble with, those darn tech hassles. But it worked, which made my day (always fun to try something new). Have a wonderful day, my friend…

  2. Lauren, a wonderfully moving and evocative poem…the questions within will find the answers already present. I just LOVED listening to you read “Prayers in Autumn’ – such a melodic harmonious gentle voice and you brought the poem to life for me…I saw it was a lot of hassle to do this but so glad you persevered! hugs xx❤️

    1. Thanks so much, Annika, for your amazing comment. You made my day! It’s very strange hearing my voice recorded. But I was inspired after seeing another friend do it on his blog. Yes, it was tough, but I’m glad it worked, and you have inspired me to try again. Regarding the poem, I love this line of yours, “the questions within will find the answers already present.” Perfectly said and so true. Again, it’s all in the timing, I believe. Thanks again for your lovely encouragement and complements. Sending hugs back to you 💕💕

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