The Roses

Easter rose

Their colors brought infinite joy as they were cared for with pride
The thorns did not lesson their beauty; not one delicate petal was denied

Red velvet symbolized eternal love forever nested in their hearts
Carrying them on a cloud of nine so they could almost touch the stars

Their presence, bending towards the sun, bestowed radiance to the hours
The fragility of their petals revealed true beauty in these flowers

The elegance of their appeal interlaced in the fabric of their love
Now pure white roses hold true an enduring devotion in Heaven above


Lauren Scott August 2017 –
In honor of my parents
who are together again πŸ’•
(Photo: Google)

26 thoughts on “The Roses

      1. I am grateful for the inspiration, Lauren. I was hoping it would find a resonance with you, your recent loss and the meaning of your touching poem. Hoping you are coping OK.

      2. Ahh, thanks, Ben, and it surely did resonate with me, perfectly. I’m doing okay. He lived in so. CA, so I visited him several times a year, but didn’t see him all the time. However, we talked every night. So there are occasional teary moments when I remember that I can’t call him to hear his voice. 😦 I’m waiting for time to heal. Thanks so much…

    1. Thanks, Michelle! I’ll always remember my parents’ rose garden and how much tender loving care they put into it. Just one of the many precious memories. πŸ’•

    1. Thanks so much, Don, for your beautiful comment. When my Dad passed it seemed writing inspiration came in abundance, and I’m sure there are more words yet to come. I wish you a great start to your week. Take care…

      1. So eloquently said, Don, thank you. Not all written words, whether they be poems or stories, are full of joy. Sadness inspired me and I know my parents are watching over and smiling.

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