21 thoughts on “A ‘Chill’ in the Air

    • Glowing lamps and festive fireworks sound fabulous, Raj! Halloween is different now with older ‘kids’ but we still pass out candy and dress festively. We’re silly, I guess. πŸ™‚ Although this year, we might have a houseful with our daughter, her b.f., and their friends, to carve pumpkins and watch scary movies. So it’ll be livelier, which is always fun. Anyway, have a wonderful celebration! I believe the main day is Sunday, right? But it continues for five days…Happy Diwali!

      • Not an addition as such; more of an echo. (And you did allude to echoes in your piece. ) Not ghouls are not restricted to the 31st of October after all. As ever I am most grateful for your inspiration, Lauren.

      • Please don’t apologise – no need. πŸ™‚ I was meaning to say that I was not wishing to diminish your writing by “improving ” it through adding material but rather honouring it by revealing its inherent potential.

        All cells of one body. Some folk get that intuitively, others not so easily so we lend a hand.

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