She rose with languid movements
and when the sun greeted her
through billowing curtains
she recalled the dream
that rocked her through the night,
a dream that didn’t become
broken pieces of wishes,
a dream that remained,
sensations that were felt,
yet confusion ran through her veins
even though vivid images played
again and again in her mind,
images that were whole
and so she wondered

Lauren Scott © 2015

33 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. Beautiful written, Lauren. Some dreams are so vivid they command our thoughts well beyond waking. Some dreams stay with us, unbidden,and return with a vengeance weeks or months later. I felt that in reading your poem. Hugs, my friend.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Michelle, and I couldn’t have said it any better than you about dreams and their effects on us. Hugs to you, too, and have a lovely evening. ♥

  2. Intriguing awakening with lucid memory’s replaying in the mind.
    Can only imagine they were memory’s of a beautiful dream, as she awoke with languid movements, and allowed her to contemplate the dreams.
    Beautifully written.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, Ian, and I believe her dream was beautiful enough for her to take the time and energy to contemplate when she was coherent and awake. 🙂 It’s a mystery though; we’ll probably never know what that special dream was about…

  3. Beautiful, Lauren! Sometimes dreams can leave us knowing and wondering at the same time … we feel them inexplicably inside ourselves and, perhaps, the feeling is ‘more important’ than the understanding. XO ❤

    1. Thanks, Diane, for your deep comment and I think you’re probably right in saying that the feeling is more important than the understanding, which isn’t always clear in the first place. 🙂 ♥

  4. Lauren. I thought your poem had beautiful words in it, but I was left with the thought it needed another verse to explain her ‘even though vivid images played
    again and again in her mind,’
    I know ‘confusion ran through her veins’ (a beautiful line) but I was still left wondering what were the vivid images she had seen. Still, this may have been your intention?

    1. Kathy, I appreciate your comment and thoughts and yes, you’re right. It was my intention to leave the reader wondering and not to “set the table completely.”
      In poetry, there can be many interpretations, which is why I didn’t want to complete the story. Thanks again for stopping by…

    1. Aww, thanks so much, Don, and I’m sorry for replying late! I try so hard to not let any comments slip through but occasionally some do. Anyway, I appreciate your beautiful words and wish you a lovely weekend!

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