Just Go For It!



Accomplish picassa with Sabrina's photo 2015


In honor of our daughter’s university graduation, I found this quote, which I thought was perfect for today’s festivities and celebrations. The gorgeous photo is from my good friend, Sabrina.

Our daughter has persevered not only academically but also personally and today she’ll walk across the finish line with a Bachelor’s Degree in hand. To say we’re proud doesn’t even cover all the emotions. 🙂

So go out and Live, Dream, Act and Believe!

Sending much love, Lauren ♥

32 thoughts on “Just Go For It!

  1. Congratulations to your daughter on her accomplishment! And congrats to you too. It’s always a relief to get them through college and be done with tuition payments.

    1. Thanks, Michelle! One down, one to go and tuition is done but a small loan will be awaiting payments soon. 🙂 It’s all worth it; the day was fabulous and we couldn’t be prouder…♥

  2. Congratulations Lauren and of course to your daughter as well! I am sure this is a big day for you. Enjoy and celebrate!

    I loved the quote. It’s my new favorite.


    1. Thanks so much, Naima! It was a wonderful day and everything ran smoothly and emotional in a happy way. I’m glad you liked the quote. I thought it was good inspiration and perfect for this event, as well. Have a lovely Sunday. Hugs!

    1. Oh, I will, Raj! I think we’ll be on this “high” all week since we’re throwing her a party on Saturday. 🙂 Surreal is a good word to explain this occasion. Thanks so much for your wonderful wishes…

    1. Thanks, Jean! We’re throwing her a party this coming Saturday so the excitement and euphoria will last all week. 🙂 And we couldn’t be any prouder. It’s wonderful, to put it simply. ♥

    1. Thanks so much, Ian! It’s a big accomplishment for any young adult and especially for her being our first. Our son has three years to go. 🙂 And the day was a well oiled machine; all went smoothly and so, so exciting. I can’t put it into words. I’m glad you liked this tribute, too. Sabrina takes gorgeous photos and I thought the quote and photo paired well together. Have a nice Sunday…

    1. Thanks, Iris! The party for her was yesterday and it was such a blast. 🙂 Now all the celebration is over and she’ll looking for full time work. Welcome to reality. Anyway, we’re very proud and your wishes are greatly appreciated. Many hugs…

    1. Thanks, Don, for your kind comment and good luck in all your future goals, too. The graduation day was awesome, a well oiled machine, and the celebrations have now come to an end but not without much joy, happy, proud tears and laughter. So now we all move forward to check off yet another endeavor from our list. 🙂

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