It took some strength 
to part the heavy curtains
of manipulated visions
and clouded thoughts
of the duo in my head,
how ridiculous I’ve been

My heart soon would be
placed in the warmth
of your hands
but this central part of me
felt the chill instead and
before my head went under,
I realized your true colors

Lauren Scott © 2015 
Poem and Photo

38 thoughts on “Flawed

    1. Life experiences inspire me, Ian, whether they’re happy or sad ones. You’re right about the message in this one and it’s definitely fiction in current time. 🙂 I always appreciate your insightful comments.

  1. I’m glad to read it IS fiction Lauren but a well-written poem indeed! Love the twist at the end. You have a clever way of doing that in many of your poems, adds interest and intrigue. 😉

    LOVE your new header. Have a great weekend, G

    1. Thanks so much, G, for your awesome complement! I try! 😉 And I want to be where my header photo was taken right now! Let’s go! lol
      Have a great weekend, too, my friend…♥

  2. Beautiful and powerful as always! I’m glad they saw the light. There’s always power in that and in suddenly looking at everything differently. Hope you have a fun weekend filled with sunshine!

      1. It looks remarkably similar to the bridge only five minutes from our house which leads into a large pasture for cattle and sheep, bounded by a river. It’s, obviously, a favourite place to folk who want to exercise “their” dogs, gather mushrooms in season or simply bask in an expanse of nature. 🙂

      2. Yes, it is very similar as we also have a river nearby this bridge where dogs have lots of fun and play time. We try to get out as often as we can to hike, walk, or bike to enjoy the beauty around us…

  3. Ah, trust: to be given, it should be earned; to be received, deserved. But even the most openly trusting of us has reasons and experience that have taught us to be wary, and even the most closed and cynical can be cozened. What a good thing that we are most often given reasons to relent in our distrustfulness and to look back, glad that we can be open again. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! When I first published this I thought it would be a flop. Sometimes I second guess myself. But I’m happy with the surprising outcome. Hope all is well with you…

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